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Pools & Spas Maintenance

  • Mobile Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Sand Change
  • Green Pools and Spas
  • Renewing Old Pools – Equipment Upgrades & Relocations
  • Property Purchase – Pool or Spa Testing
  • New Pool or Spa Owners

Allow GreenHouse Pools and Spas to look after your investment.

Our Mobile Service Team comes to you; we have a Maintenance Service to suit your requirements.
A typical Service undertaken by our Technicians includes:

  • Vacuuming Pool
  • Clean Filters
  • Empty Skimmer/Pool baskets
  • Add Chemicals
  • Scoop Leaves
  • Make sure equipment is fully functional

At GreenHouse Pools and Spas we also provide Regular Maintenance Services which ranges from weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Our Service Agreements allows the customer to nominate the type of service required and work that needs to be carried out to your pool or spa. Of course we work with you in identifying what works best for your pool according to location and needs.

GreenHouse Pools and Spas also provide a “Winter Service” which runs from June to August.  During these months customers can book a full equipment check and service ready for the swimming season.

Making sure you change your sand every 3 to 4 years (depending on your usage) is another vital maintenance routine.

Reasons for the change is due to the following:

Filter sand has been ground to a size of .45 to .55 mm in diameter and is very rough when new. This roughness is what makes the sand efficient at filtering out the particles of dirt in your water. As this roughness is smoothed out – as stones in a stream wear smooth over time – your filter’s efficiency is reduced. This means that your system has to run more frequently to accomplish the same task.

This can increase the amount of sanitizer used, thereby increasing your chemical costs. In addition we have found that after four years, your sand has worn enough to allow dirt to penetrate so deep that normal backwashing doesn’t clean it completely. The result is shorter filter cycles, which requires more frequent backwashing.

What is Diamond Kleen

Diamond Kleen is a form of water filtration made from 100% recycled fused silicon dioxide. Diamond Kleen has various applications however its primary use is for the swimming pool market. Diamond Kleen has many health and environmental benefits.  Diamond Kleen is uniquely the only form of glass filtration.

GreenHouse Pools and Spas are proud to be Stockists of this product.

Diamond Kleen eco friendly glass filtration media has many benefits and is a far superior product than its competitors.  There are many long term cost benefits associated with Diamond Kleen. Because of its higher efficiency, there is a noticeable reduction of chemicals and precious sanitisers required to keep your pool clean. This also means fewer chemicals are being sent to waste. Diamond Kleen is less degradable than sand and zeolite outlasting its competitors by up to 3 times.

To book any of these services simply call GreenHouse Pools and Spas and talk to one of our Sales Representatives 9379 1144 or book online.

Green pool water is not very attractive to look at, it is also very unhealthy to swim in and it can over time minimize the life span of your equipment and surface.

Green pools can be caused by many environmental factors or neglect.

GreenHouse Pools and Spas specialises in transforming your green pool to a fresh and sparkling pool.

Our trained Technicians have a vast experience with pool algae; they will be able to assess and treat your pool with the appropriate chemicals.

Renewing Old Pools – Equipment Upgrades

& Relocation

GreenHouse Pools and Spas has re-vamped many old or run down pools and concrete spas.

We can help improve the look and appearance of your pool in some cases just by a simple acid wash.  Depending on the conditions of your surface we will suggest the best way to renew your surface and give you many more years of enjoyment.  Contact our store for a quote on your pool or spa renovation.

Many pools and spas are running inefficiently with old or broken equipment.

We have the latest equipment available on the market that can help you save money in the long term and run your pool/spa to its maximum capacity.
Of course we have different price points; so we have the equipment to suit you and your budget.

Some of the most commonly replaced items of equipment are:

  • Pool & Spa Pumps
  • Filtration upgrades -sand or cartridge system
  • Upgrade to a MagnaPool System
  • Control Panels
  • Pool commanders – remote controls
  • Solar heating, heaters or heat pumps
  • Chlorinators – converting pools from chlorine to salt
  • Pool lights
  • Pool Cleaners

Call or come in store and speak to one of our staff about quoting for your new equipment upgrade.

Any pool or spa equipment relocation can be undertaken by the team at GreenHouse Pools and Spas.

Call us on 9379 1144 or book online and we will come out and quote you on relocating your equipment to a more suitable place.

When purchasing a home with a pool or spa always ensure that the pool/spa and equipment is in working order.

GreenHouse Pools and Spas carry out Pre-Property Purchase inspections.  We will check the pool/spa and the equipment and provide you with a report on our findings.

Refer to the Property Management section  in regard to rental properties and Pool/Spa checks.

This service is ideal for people purchasing properties with pools/spas or those that have just built a pool.

New pool owners, do not despair; call GreenHouse Pools and Spas and book a session with one of our specialised Technicians.

Our Technicians will take you through all the equipment, show you how it all works and train you on its operation.  They will be able to set timers and show you how to automate internal systems to run your pool area.

They will run through chemical use and product application as well as filtration.

They can show you how to clean and operate cleaners for vacuuming your pools.  Your pool will become an extension of your home duties and a simple routine not a chore.

Contact us today for a Personalised Session 9379 1144 or book online.

REMEMBER if you do not have the time or the inclination to look after your pool GreenHouse Pools and Spas can do it for you.